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to learn more about the fundraising programs we offer.  


Raise Some Dough!

Raise Some Dough Palomar Pizza & Pasta welcomes the opportunity to partner with your school, sports team or group to host a fundraiser. Pick the fundraiser that is best for your organization or have an ideas?  We welcome the opportunity to discuss the needs of your group and how we can be of service.

Pizza By The Slice Sales

Concession sales have always been a great way to raise money, especially at sporting events, school functions such as carnivals, open house, etc.  
How it works: Your group purchases pizza from Palomar Pizza & Pasta at a discounted rate and then sell it by the slice for a profit.

Fundraising Cards Too...

Please call for details!

Dine-Out Nights

For a fun and interactive way to raise money for your school or organization, schedule a fundraising event with us!

How it works: Your organization advertises the special night (or day) and invites family, friends, and neighbors to participate. We make it easy buy offering Dine-in, Take-Out, or DELIVERY.

Palomar Pizza will contribute 20% of sales generated by your group.  Date, Time and Flyer/Advertisements must be approved in advance.

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